Camp O Cannon

A few years back, I was invited to join some friends on a camping trip. They've been getting together for many summers and have this whole tenting, food making and beer drinking combination down to a science. I rejoined them this year, and am so glad I did.

The member-owned campground, Mesaba Park, is 240 acres of natural beauty. Gasoline motors are not allowed on the lake and the grounds are well cared for (partly due to Wilfred- the older fella with the sweet hat).

The history of Mesaba Park adds to the overall amazingness. In the 1920's, Finnish settlers were stereotyped as "anarchists" and "drunks" (just to name a few). They decided to organize and develop cooperatives as a way to empower the working class and create a welcoming environment for those that were considered outcasts. Security and survival were nutured through family ties and community relationships at Mesaba Park. The campground still serves as a place to gather and enjoy a slice of paradise.

Thanks for inviting me, friends. I needed a weekend escape with some fantastic human beings.