What does one do while in Pittsburgh? Well, that's what I wanted to know. It just so happened I struck gold in my search. 

My dear friend, Jooyoung, came to visit while I was there and we went on an adventure. I read about Randyland on Atlas Obscura and needed to check this place out. This art oasis is in North Pittsburgh and is open to the public. We walked in the backyard and I immediately got stimulation overload. So. many. colors. 

Randy meandered out a couple minutes later, and yelled "Is anyone out here?" That's when our minds were even more blown. This man is magnetic. He's super passionate about telling his story that includes bouts of homelessness, random jobs, community struggles and finally finding his path through art. He's a wonderful human and provided so many laughs and smiles throughout our conversation. 

So...if you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, go high-five Randy.